Blue Ridge GA Real Estate

Buying a home can be exciting....but buying a vacation home in Blue Ridge, GA can be SUPER exciting. Here are Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals we offer full-service property management, but we also have a full-service real estate side as well. For this, we offer three services that can help set your property apart from other and make your investment maximized for the highest return possible. There are different aspects of properties that can make them more valuable to both guests and owners.

  1. The first service we offer is the Blue Ridge real estate market service. The General Manager of Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals, Paul Gribble, has a Georgia Real Estate Brokers license, and we also have a full-time real estate specialist named Joanne Wiley. Paul has been around real estate in the North Georgia Mountains almost all his life, as his father was a Broker as well. Joanne has been serving the Blue Ridge, GA real estate market for over 10 years. Between the two of them, they know all the ins and outs from the beginning of the search process to the closing and ownership process.

    These services are at no out of pocket expense to you, the purchaser, as the sellers customarily pay commissions. So, basically, if we cannot help you find what you are looking for there is no charge to you!
  2. The second service we offer is a custom and comprehensive rental analysis. Even if you are not using Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals for your real estate services we can still help. If you are wanting to create the best rental possible we can show you how! Once you narrow down to your best Blue Ridge real estate options, we can do a site visit to each of the properties. We will be able to give you a list of pros and cons, items that we feel would maximize your rental revenue, as well and monthly and annual maintenance costs. We will also show you comparable rental properties so that you can see what to expect from an annual revenue standpoint, nightly rate spectrum from low to peak and holiday seasons, as well as an analysis of occupancy rates.

    This service is also at no charge, frankly, we feel that we can make a great partnership once we add your property to our portfolio.
  3. The third item we offer is a full service, custom, Blue Ridge cabin furnishing program. From forks and pizza cutters to hot tubs and beds, we purchase so many items throughout the year that we have extra buying power and special pricing not available to the typical shopper. We have special partnerships and relationships with local crafters, furniture store, electronics dealers, and mattress suppliers. Typically, we can save about 20%-25% of the retail price that the typical purchaser would pay.

    This service is a fee-based program and is adjusted based on the size of the property and amount of items and time needed to make you Blue Ridge Rental cabin the very best it can be. 
So, from the initial search to the very first guest and beyond, we can have you covered. For information about the real estate market, rental market, or our services please contact our office or send us an email.