Unforgettable Family Vacations in Blue Ridge, GA

Family Portrait with Exteneded Family in Fall Outdoors

Welcome to the serene and scenic Blue Ridge, GA and surrounding areas, a haven for families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Nestled amidst the lush Chattahoochee National Forest, Blue Ridge and the area is a family-friendly destination where memories are made amidst nature's bounty. From gentle hikes through picturesque trails to thrilling train rides overlooking the Toccoa River, there's an adventure waiting for every member of the family.

Kid & Family Friendly Things To Do In Blue Ridge GA


Blue Ridge Scenic Railway:

Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad Train and Cars

Hop aboard and soak in the breathtaking vistas as you chug along the Toccoa River. A joy for kids and adults alike, this is a journey back in time through the heart of Blue Ridge’s scenic beauty.

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Explore The Lilly Pad Village:

The Lilly Pad Village Logo

Discover endless enjoyment at Lilly Pad Village, where every age finds adventure amidst a picturesque natural backdrop. Engage in a relaxing fishing experience at the well-stocked pond spanning 1/3 of an acre, or embark on a gem mining quest amidst tranquil mountain vistas, and don't forget to challenge yourself to a game of mini-golf on one of the rare hillside courses in the country. When it's time for a pause, drop by the quaint shop to indulge in a whimsical ice cream treat or rejuvenate with a warm or cool beverage.

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Toccoa River Swinging Bridge:

Person crossing the Toccoa River on the Swinging Bridge

A whimsical adventure awaits as you cross Georgia's longest swinging bridge. It’s a gentle trek suitable for little legs, leading to a bridge that swings over the sparkling Toccoa River below.

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Hiking Sign in Woods

Kid & Family Friendly Hiking Trails & Waterfalls

Aska Trail Sign

Aska Trails:

With trails ranging from easy to moderate, the Aska Trails area offers a variety of scenic hikes suitable for families. Discover the tranquility of the forest and the delight of spotting wildlife along the way.

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Fall Branch Falls on the Benton MacKaye Trail:

Fall Branch Falls Blue Ridge GA

Fall Branch Falls, nestled along the Benton MacKaye Trail, is a picturesque haven, showcasing nature's splendor through its cascading waters. As a relatively short (0.5 miles round trip) yet rewarding hike, it welcomes adventurers to a tranquil setting where the soothing sounds of falling water harmonize with the untouched wilderness. The trail leading to the falls in summer is enveloped by a lush canopy, offering a refreshing escape with every step towards this captivating natural spectacle.

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Lake Blue Ridge Loop:

lake Blue Ridge From Above

The Lake Blue Ridge Loop is a charming 0.8-mile trail near Blue Ridge, Georgia, providing a quick yet enriching outdoor experience. This trail is generally considered easy, making it a splendid choice for individuals of all ages. It's a well-maintained path, which takes an average of about 18 minutes to complete, thus making it an excellent option for a short, refreshing hike, especially with little ones.

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Family at the Dinner Table Taking a Photo

Kid & Family Friendly Dining

The Blue Ridge Mounitain BBQ Building

The Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ:

The Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ stands as a cherished culinary spot in the heart of Blue Ridge. Inviting families and food enthusiasts to indulge in a genuine southern BBQ experience. As you step inside, the warm and inviting ambiance is palpable, with rustic decor that reflects the mountainous charm of the region. The friendly staff welcomes guests with a smile, ready to provide a memorable dining experience in their laid-back and family-friendly setting as well as a fantastic kid-friendly menu.

Blue Ridge Mountain BBQ


Sue's Burgers aka "Best Burgers in Town":

Side of Sue's Burgers Building

Sue's Burgers is a cherished local joint in Blue Ridge, known for its delectable burgers and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. This burger haven is a go-to spot for both locals and visitors, with many dropping by to satisfy their burger cravings, especially when in the mood for a hearty, comforting meal. The menu doesn't just stop at burgers, it extends to perfectly cooked tater tots, coleslaw, and a sweet ending with desserts like pecan pie, coconut cakes, and fudge. Patrons also appreciate the beverage options, finding delight in the coffee, tea, or the kids favorite, a tasty milkshake.

Sue's Burgers


Mystic Mountain Pizza:

Front of Mystic Mountain Pizza

Mystic Mountain Pizza, located at 4118 East First Street in Blue Ridge, GA, offers a cozy spot for picking up delicious pizzas and other Italian-American favorites that every member of the fmaily will love. Their menu extends beyond pizza to include appetizers, salads, hot dogs, sandwiches, calzones, and delectable desserts such as homemade brownie sundaes and cannolis. They provide an online ordering system for both pickup and scheduled delivery, making it convenient for you.

Mystic Mountain Pizza

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Sisters at a Blue Ridge Event

Events For The Whole Family


Harvest Sale of Blue Ridge:

The Harvest Sale of Blue Ridge, happens in late October. It is a fall fest arts and crafts show, where local craftsmen and artisans display handmade items ideal for various occasions. The event is associated with the Fannin County Young Farmers Association and the Fannin County FFA Alumni, ensuring a community-centric celebration. The event is free to attend.

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Arts in the Park:

Arts in the Park is a festival series held in Downtown City Park, Blue Ridge, GA, orchestrated by the Blue Ridge Mountains Arts Association. It's a family-friendly event held during spring and fall, attracting over 20,000 attendees annually. The festival features over 170 artists, exhibitors, and vendors showcasing fine arts, crafts, and food. This event provides a platform for artists to exhibit and sell their original works, making it a significant occasion for art and community engagement in Blue Ridge.

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Blue Ridge Trout & Outdoor Adventures Festival:

Logo for the Blue Ridge Trout & Outdoor Adventures Festival

The Blue Ridge Trout & Outdoor Adventures Festival is a celebration of outdoor activities including casting, paddling, hiking, climbing, riding, and outdoor art. The festival also features live music, craft beer, and food, making it a holistic experience for outdoor enthusiasts and families. This rain-or-shine event aims to preserve and improve cold-water resources, showcasing the essence of outdoor adventures in Blue Ridge.

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