COVID-19 Corona Virus Updates

The state of Georgia has allowed Vacation Rentals to open up starting check in on May 1, 2020.

Policies and Procedures to Keep Guests and Staff Safe

For the dates effective May 1, 2020 – May 30, 2020

With the re-opening of vacation rentals, Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals has adopted some new policies.  As you are well aware, things are not normal, things are not just “trucking along”, and we have a whole new way of life and lifestyle as we know it.  Without ANY guidelines from the Federal, State, of Local level, Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals has put into place our own Professional business practices in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

As you may already be aware, Georgia has allowed you to get a tattoo, get your haircut, and go bowling!  So, good times are already here!  But on a serious note, we want you, as our guest(s), to know that we are doing our very best to look out for the safety and well-being of you, our staff, the families of our staff, as well as the community of Blue Ridge, GA.

In these trying times with the battle of Covid-19, Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals, while allowed to re-open, is taking extra measures to maintain safety.  Please read the following information.  Know that we love having your business but feel that the safety of everyone involved is our utmost priority.  So, the flowing items are important to us, to you, and to the well-being of our community, our state, and our country. 

-If you or someone in your party is sick or showing symptoms of Covid-19, PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL.

-If you have made your reservation and have since become ill, please contact us, you will not lose your money.  We are offering help with a couple of different options to help you.  It is most important to keep the health of you, your party, staff, and future guests.

-Please check your temperature, if you have a temperature of over 100 degrees please do not travel.  If someone in your party has traveled out of the country, into “Hotspots” in the country, has been in direct contact with anyone who knowingly has or has had the Covid-19 Virus, or has been a part in the help of taking care of someone with the Covid-19 virus, PLEASE DO NOT TRAVEL

What we are doing and how we are doing it:

Check In:  At the Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals office, We have two check in options, both require you to come to our office. If you arrive during business hours you are welcome to come in the office to check in. If you prefer NOT to come in the office please call us and let us know you are outside the office and a member of our staff will bring your packet to you! Our office is open 9-5 Monday - Friday, & 10-4 on Saturday.

Cabin Assistance Calls: Maintenance staff and Guest Assistance personnel will be allowed into the property while Guest(s) are there.  However, no member of Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals staff shall be within 15 feet of the staff.  In 100% of the calls, Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals will try and first diagnose the issue over the phone to help guest(s), and if it is 100% necessary to have someone physically there, Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals, in their sole discretion, can determine if someone needs to be physically sent out to the property.  If there is a legitimate property emergency situation, a member of staff of Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals may request and require that no guest be in the property at the time of a staff representative enter the house.  The guests may remain on the exterior of the house to await the staff of Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals exit.      

Limiting House Occupancy:  During the month of May we are limiting occupancy to any house maxed out to 10 or fewer people.  This complies to the state and federal guidelines of no gatherings of more than 10 people.

Cleaning Products:  We are, and have been, using commercial concentrate cleaning solutions at Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals.  We are making sure we are cleaning the property properly, with the training already in place, and also making sure that the cleaning staff is getting all the touch points, i.e.; doorknobs, door lock key pads, light switches, remote controls, refrigerator handles, oven handles, sink faucet handles, etc. 

Hot Tubs:  Hot tubs are always drained, jets flushed out, filters cleaned, and refilled in between of each guest.  This has been a practice since we opened in 2004.

Bedding and Linens:  All of the sheets, linens, towels, and kitchen towels are laundered at the office of Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals.  These are commercial machines, similar to those used in hotels and hospitals, and have commercial cleaning products being used in the wash, and are generated by computer mechanisms, to eliminate the possibility of human malfunction.

Cleaning Staff:  Each of the staff members of Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals that are responsible for cleaning have been issued proper PPE (Person Protection Equipment), consistent with the Federal and State of Georgia guidelines for personal protection while cleaning.  This includes gloves, face masks, proper disinfecting chemicals, proper training, and proper cleaning technique.

Guest(s) Recommendations:  We here at Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals want you to come and experience the splendor of the fresh mountain air, the beautiful scenery, and the relaxation that comes with the lifestyle of being in the North Georgia Mountains.  Therefore, Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals is recommending to all Guest(s) that you come prepared.  Things here are similar to what you are currently seeing in your own hometown.  In our rural area, we have very professional, but limited healthcare, we have limited grocery stores, but we are full of fresh mountain air.  Therefore, we are asking you to please bring food with you, please bring extra toiletries with you (including paper products), and please practice social distancing if you are leaving the property you have rented.  If a guest of Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals needs to go to the grocery store, pharmacy, or any public place, we are recommending and encouraging you to do this one at a time. 

Guest(s) Getting Sick While In a Property:  If you get sick, start showing signs of Covid-19, or are in need of a physician while staying with us, we have several options.  Fannin Regional Hospital has a full-time staffed emergency room, Riverstone Medical Center has doctors’ offices that are already equipped to handle people with symptoms of Covid-19, and there are tests available to the people who need them. We have several pharmacies: CVS Pharmacy, Ingles Pharmacy, Walmart Pharmacy, Southern Drug, and several more.  They are here to assist everyone in our community, including visitors of our community.

Guest(s) Supply Needs:  In Blue Ridge grocery stores are open and are very well stocked.  There are some limits on getting paper products, still, as supply chains are still catching up from the Great Toilet Paper Hoarding event.  We do as that you bring some of your own supplies, like food and paper products.  This just simply limits the amount of public exposure to you and our community of workers in the stores.  In the stores please continue to practice social and physical distancing, but rest assured there is plenty of food to go around.

Blue Ridge Mountain Enjoyment:  While up here in the beautiful mountains we encourage you to enjoy what the natural splendor has to offer.  Please enjoy a hike, roast some marshmallows, and realize that many of the downtown stores may or may not be open.  Just because the shelter in place has been lifted to a large portion of the state, some business owners may choose to remain close until they see fit, as each business operated differently, and some businesses require person to person contact.

Guest(s) Departure Instructions:  Once you have been in one of our properties and it is now the time to depart.  We have departure instructions that will be given to you to follow.  These are simple and does not require any guest(s) to come back to the office. 

Voluntary Cancellations From Guest(s):  Although, the shelter in place orders are being lightened up, and travel restrictions are going away, we want our guest(s) to fell comfortable traveling.  Therefore, if you feel the need or desire to cancel your stay, please just let us know.  We have amended our cancellation policy to help ensure safety and comfort.  If you want to cancel, we will be happy to issue you a gift certificate for the full amount you have paid in.  This gift certificate can be used towards any property in Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals, and at any time.  As you know, rates are different in all times of the year, and we understand that your travel group may be different as well.  You would be subject to the rates at the time of your new booking.  Some rates may be higher, and some rates may be lower, just depending on the time you choose to come.  With the gift certificate there is no monetary penalty to you whatsoever, there is no fee to change or reschedule either.  All gift certificates must be used by the end of 2020, or they will become expired, unless you have a specific arrangement agreed to in writing from Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals.   

Can I purchase travel insurance?: Yes, you have the option to purchase travel insurance with every reservation prior to your final payment. Travel insurance can reimburse you for cost due to trip cancellation or interruption. We can provide policy details before you purchase. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak Travel Insurance Notice and FAQS

Government Extension of Not Allowing Short Term Rentals:  If the Government were to extend this ban on short term rentals and Georgia Mountain Cabin Rentals has to cancel your reservation, we will extend to you the same gift certificate as mentioned in the paragraph above, and all the same rules will apply.

Bottom line, we want our staff safe, we want our guest(s) safe, and we want our community safe.  If you do not feel safe in traveling at this time, that is ok.  If you want to come to our area at this time, we are ready to have you here.







Thank you for your continued loyalty and business.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office, 706-632-5751.