Visit Blue Ridge, GA in the North Georgia Mountains

Why would anyone want to visit, spend your vacation or even live in Blue Ridge and the mountains of North Georgia? As residents of Blue Ridge, we are asked this question all the time, and most of the time our answer is quite simple... it’s the attitude.
Having an attitude is not necessarily a bad thing. With most folk who live and work here in Fannin County, we believe our attitude is one of hardworking gratitude, forgiveness and happiness, where our livelihoods have been earned and not given to us, and we love our community with a healthy pride. And we love our vacation cabins in Blue Ridge. This is our attitude.

We are an Appalachian community

As residents and business owners in this Appalachian community,  we love these mountains and have called them our home for generations. We also feel a deep desire to share this mountain community with others who wish to come to Blue Ridge. We want to share with others what we live and breathe all day, all year long. Our attitude is that we are hardworking people who have earned a good name for our family, we have earned our spot in civilization, and we have earned a friendly hello as we walk down a street in town. We have earned our place in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
blue ridge parade

Good people and good conversation

One of the things we hear people say about Blue Ridge is how nice the people are. “People I don’t even know said hello to me.” These are normal things to us here in Blue Ridge and surrounding areas. People say, “boy, everyone here moves so slow!” Well they are right, we do move slow. That’s our attitude. We believe that quality is better than quantity and I would rather have 2 or 3 meaningful conversations in a day than a dozen that have no substance. You will find this attitude in many people in our area, and we are proud of it, and we hope you catch it! 
We are happy that we can go to the grocery store and talk with the local bank president, and the local plumber and include the local tourist. We all depend on one another and these conversations have real meaning to us because they are genuine. We like sharing each others experiences and we want our attitude to be contagious. And it is.

Why Blue Ridge? It’s the Mystique

In each one of our shops, galleries or eateries you will probably meet the owner or manager of the business. In most cases these business people could have setup shop anywhere, and you can ask yourself, why Blue Ridge? Some may have lived here and moved away only to truly want to return. If they originally moved here from the outside world, they may have come for a visit or vacation, and fell in love with the community and culture of our town, and stayed.  People love seeing all the beauty, and listening to happy people talking. They love the smells of the mountains and the taste of the local food. And they love the Blue Ridge Mountain weather with all the variety of four seasons. People love what they feel in the comfortable weather, and their hearts enjoy being able to meditate and fall deep inside the mountain magic. It is like a special quality and reverence that makes a person love their surroundings. We call this the Blue Ridge mystique.
blue ridge mountains.jpg